All or Nothing

Texas Tech vs. Texas 2008, 8 seconds left on the clock, it’s all or nothing. Michael Crabtree makes one of the most memorable catches in college football history and Tech wins. Texas vs. USC 2006, 26 seconds left to play and it’s 4th and 5 for Texas, it’s all or nothing. Vince Young takes the … More All or Nothing

Flaring Faith

Shortly after one of the big west Texas oil booms began I was driving back to Andrews from Dallas fairly late. It’s a drive I’ve made, it feels like, a thousand times. As I left Big Spring to head towards Andrews, I was struck by the flares that just seemed to be burning everywhere. I … More Flaring Faith

Getting Wet

Some of the baptisms you do as a pastor stick with you more so than others. I baptized one kid a while back that asked me if the water was going to burn his eyes. After being assured that it would not, he told me, “that’s good because if it does, I’d probably freak out.” Another … More Getting Wet

In Too Deep

The openness of kids is rarely found in adults. We learn to mask our thoughts and hide our struggles as we grow up. Unsurprisingly, teens fall somewhere in between adults and kids. They are more open than adults, far more willing to discuss where they are struggling, but less open than kids. Working with teens, … More In Too Deep

Self-Identifying Christian

We live in a culture of self-determination. You determine your career and educational trajectories. You pick where you’ll live. You pick who you’ll be. This has even extended to what gender you claim for some. Throughout history, most people had very little freedom of self-determination, you were what your family, community, country, or faith system … More Self-Identifying Christian