“Jesus the anthem of my heart. Jesus, the anchor of my soul. I’m overwhelmed by all You are. Oh how I love You.” These lyrics come from “Anthem” by Phil Wickham. Inspired lyrics, but they come with a question: “Is the anthem of MY heart Jesus?” Reflecting on this song, I was drawn to a trip that … More Perspective

A Student Pastor’s Perspective: Social Media Parenting

A friend recently posted a link to a blog found on the Wait Until 8th site. The article was about how smartphones have changed the way kids experience the world, in particular, how they have changed what used to be an embarrassing moment into a viral video. You can read the article here, and I … More A Student Pastor’s Perspective: Social Media Parenting

Two Kings

There were two kings, both real, historical figures. Both men were long shots to be king. Neither was the oldest son of their father and neither family had a clear claim to the throne. Both men married at least 6 wives and had at least one affair. Both men had people murdered to cover up … More Two Kings

Song of the Week – “As Good As It Gets” defines “doxology” as an ascription of praise to God. The Doxology found in most hymnals has been around for a little over 300 years, it was originally part of several songs, it was the chorus to a series of hymns. “Praise God…praise him…praise him…praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” The doxology is such a simple … More Song of the Week – “As Good As It Gets”

Your 1st Love

What is your 1st love? Or who is your 1st love? Revelation 2:1-7 comprises a letter to the church at Ephesus and this is the most important question we can ask ourselves after reading the letter. Jesus largely praises the church at Ephesus in this letter, but he has one major indictment. “They have abandoned … More Your 1st Love