My Mission

Why am I here? I think this is a question we have all wrestled with at some point. Personally, I want to make a difference. It is my mission in life to influence others to make multiplying believers. I want to change the world by influencing people, reaching them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and growing believers into a deep and fruitful walk with God. I desire to create believers who create believers.

My Personal Values:

  1. Faith
  2. Servant-Leadership
  3. Integrity (Honesty, Loyalty)
  4. Growth (Change)
  5. Community
  6. Influence
  7. Discipline (Work-Ethic)

I truly love the church. I believe that God has called me to serve his church, to help the church reach new people and transform communities. This website is just another platform for me to help the church. If you go to the blog it will give you things like, what I’m reading, what I’m listening to, and what I’m thinking. Under the sermons like you will find sermons that I have preached and a few lessons that I have done with our students. Feel free to use any material you find here. If I credit the material to someone else, please give them credit if you use the material.


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