Here you can find links to the sermons that I have preached. I hope that these messages will bless you and help you walk with Christ. It is my prayer that these messages will help individual Christians draw near to God and thereby strengthen our churches.


The Pursuit of Holy 1920x1080

The focus of this two-week series is to remind us of the importance of pursuing the image of God and to help equip us for that work. Week one centered on 1 Samuel 8, where Israel rejects God’s leadership and asks for a king.

Week 1 – The Pursuit of Holy: A Different Look (March 18, 2018)

Week 2 – The Pursuit of Holy: A Different Way (March 25, 2018)


Leap of Faith

A stand along message from Matthew 16:24-27 that reminds us of the cost of faith. The sermon will challenge you to give yourself completely to God. We must deny ourselves and follow Him!


Choosing to Live a Life of Peace Phil 4i4t9 1920x1080

This stand alone sermon on Philippians 4:4-9 should help believers find a path to peaceful living. This passage speaks to living in peace with God, with others, and with ourselves. This message gives biblical principles designed to help you choose to live a life of peace.


The Voice Square 400x400

My series, “The Voice: Lessons from the Minor Prophets on Hearing and Following God,” came out of a series that I did with our students. I chose three of the Minor Prophet, Hosea, Habakkuk, and Jonah because they break the typical prophetical mode in some way. Hosea marries a prostitute, Habakkuk’s entire book is a conversation with God, and Jonah is full of doubt and bitterness. I hope that there is something you can learn from each of these prophets.

Week 3 – Jonah: The Pouting Prophet – The focus in this sermon on Jonah can be boiled down to a single question: Will you joyfully participate in God’s work or will you sit on the side of mountain and pout? Jonah is the opposite of Habakkuk. Jonah is warning to us, you can miss out on the joy of following God.

Week 2 – Habakkuk: The Worshipping Prophet Habakkuk is the model found in this series. Habakkuk is a prophet who loves God. Even faced with news of destruction and death, his response is to worship God.

Week 1 – Hosea: The Redeeming Prophet – Hosea teaches us an important message, being born in the family does not make you a child of the father. It is likely that two of Hosea’s children were not his own. They may have been born in his marriage, but they were not his. Likewise, there are many in the US, particularly in the south who were born in the church, in “christian” families, but that does not make them…you…a child of the father. That requires his adoption of you by grace through faith. Unfortunately, we did not get the recorder adjusted for Day Light Savings Time, so only part of the message was recorded, please send me any questions:


November 2016

The “Glimpse” sermon series takes a look at four stories in the book of Genesis. It will look at the Fall & the Flood, the story of Abraham, and the story of Joseph. It is my hope that through this sermon series, you can prepare your heart for the Christmas season. I think that we too often take the coming season for granted and miss out on the opportunity that God gives us in this season to prepare for the new year. I hope that this first message in the “Glimpse” sermon series will bless you and help you as we head into another Christmas.

The first message looks at the Fall (Genesis 3) and the Flood (Genesis 6) to see how God gives us a “glimpse” of the hope that Jesus Christ will bring in these dark times.

The second message looks at Genesis 12, 17, & 22 to show the “glimpse” of Jesus that we get in the story of Abraham.

Even the kind of life and death that Jesus would have were foreshadowed in Genesis. In the final message of this series, the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) gives us a glimpse of Jesus life.



Its Who You Are Square 600x600
May 2016

This sermon series focuses on reminding us what the church truly is. The church is not a building, a denomination, or a style, the church is the body and bride of Christ made up of the millions of believers around the world who have surrendered their lives over to Jesus and follow God.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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