This Sunday Morning

A prayer for this morning,

“God, you are amazing! Your works are incomprehensibly full of grace and your Word is unmeasurably rich. I am weak and undeserving, easily distracted and constantly wandering away from you. But I pray that this morning you would hold me fast, teach me through your spoken Word and through song. Awaken my soul from its sleep and soften my heart to your will. I have failed many times to give over all of me, but this morning belongs to you, take my heart oh God, it is yours. Amen.”

As we prepare for church this morning, I would challenge everyone to spend a few minutes preparing their heart and mind for worship. I was reminded of an older MercyMe song this morning,

I look forward to seeing our FBC family this morning!


Published by John-David Culbertson

I am the Associate Pastor for Students at FBC Monahans. I am a graduate of Dallas Baptist University (BA in Biblical Studies) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Advanced Masters of Divinity). I am currently enrolled as a student at Dallas Baptist University working on a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Arts in Leadership. I love Christ and I am passionate about the church. It is my goal to server the Jesus Christ in whatever capacity He would place me and wherever He would send me.

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