New Music – April Edition

Music is an important part of who I am and a large part of how I express my faith and love for God. I spend a lot of time listening to music, playing, and singing. iTunes tracks how many times you play individual songs, I have one song, “Ruin Me,” by Jeff Johnson that has been played over 2400 times in the last 4 years (when I bought the song). Songs help me express myself before an omnibenevolent (all good), omnipotent (all powerful), omnipresent (everywhere), omniscient (all knowing) God who loves me anyways.

A couple times a month, I dive in to iTunes and youtube to find new music. Sometimes I discover songs and artists that are new, sometimes I find artists and songs that are new to me but have been on the scene for a while, and sometimes I am reminded of songs that I once love but hadn’t listened to in a while. I thought I would share some of what I’m listening to with those of you who are interested.

Before I share though, understand that buying whole CDs in rare for me, I usually buy a couple of songs that I like off of a CD and leave it at that. Each year I probably purchase 5-10 whole CDs. Maybe that sounds like a lot, but I have 2,404 songs in iTunes, so you have to understand that 5-10 CDs (40-100 songs) is really not that much. So when I tell you I’ve bought 5 whole CDs in the last month, you have to understand that is unusual for me. Of the CDs I bough this month 4 are Christian music: Third Day‘s “Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship,” Passion’s “Passion: Even So Come,” Matt Maher‘s “Saints and Sinners,” and Lauren Daigle‘s “How Can It Be.” The one non-Christian CD I bought this month was The Piano Guy‘s self titled CD, “The Piano Guy’s.”

Those CDs represent about half the track I bought last month, it was a heavy month even for me. Here are a couple of song  that I purchased independently last month that I’ve really enjoyed: Songs are listed Song Title” | Artists | Album Name | Genre

  1. “My Heart is Yours” | Kristian Stanfill | Passion: Take It All | Christian
  2. “Touch the Sky” | Hillsong | Empires | Christian
  3. “This I Believe” | NewSong | Faithful | Christian
  4. “Let Them See You” | JJ Weeks Band | All Over the World | Christian
  5. “Baby I’m Right” | Darius Rucker | Southern Style | Country
  6. “Believe” | Mumford & Sons | Wilder Mind | Alternative
  7. “Trouble” | Imagine Dragons | Smoke + Mirrors | Alternative

One other track that I would like to mention is “It is Well” done by the North Point. The add a little to the traditional chorus, it’s definitely worth listening to. You can find it on youtube.

Finally, my song of the month… “Because He Lives (Amen)” Matt Maher.

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