Prepare – Week 4

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It’s the final week of our series, “It’s Who You Are, Not Where You Are.” We’ve been looking at redefining the church as something that we are rather than a place we go, a time we connect to God, or a particular set of practices that we’re comfortable with.

So I ask the question again, “What does it mean to define yourself as a member of the church?” Does being a member of the church affect your whole self, your identity, or does it simply affect your weekly schedule?

Hopefully, when you get to this devotional you will have read Acts 15:36-18:21, Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey. In chapter 17, you see some of the events of Paul & Silas’ ministry in Thessalonica. Their ministry in the city ends very suddenly. A mob arrests Jason and his family, so the church in Thessalonica sends Paul & Silas away in the night to keep them safe. The letter of 1 Thessalonians comes out of that crisis. Paul is writing to the church back in Thessalonica to encourage them and to teach them some of the things he didn’t have the chance to teach them in person.


  1. Ask God to speak into your life and your heart as you read scripture.
  2. Pray for our church.
  3. Pray for VBS.

Read: 1 Thessalonians


  1. What do you learn in 1 Thessalonians 1:2-7? What do you learn about Paul? What do you learn about the church in Thessalonica?
  2. What do you learn about Paul’s attitude towards ministry in 2:1-12?
  3. What do you learn in 2:17-3:5? Particularly about Paul’s attitude and heart for ministry?
  4. What did you learn from the book of 1 Thessalonians?


  1. Find a way to help with VBS. If you are unable to physically help during the event, then commit to praying every night during VBS (June 5-9) for the kids and Leaders.
  2. We had a nice rough storm Wednesday night, I know there are branches down all across Monahans. There are people all over our community incapable of removing those branches from their roofs, yards, & driveways. See if your family can help someone out who is unable to take care of these themselves.

Published by John-David Culbertson

I am the Associate Pastor for Students at FBC Monahans. I am a graduate of Dallas Baptist University (BA in Biblical Studies) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Advanced Masters of Divinity). I am currently enrolled as a student at Dallas Baptist University working on a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Arts in Leadership. I love Christ and I am passionate about the church. It is my goal to server the Jesus Christ in whatever capacity He would place me and wherever He would send me.

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