The lost value of church attendance.

Priorities can’t be taught just using words. The way we live and the way we use our time is what will teach others our priorities. The next generation will learn our values from the way we live them. This is especially true of parents, teachers, and church staff who work with kids, but no one gets a free pass. So what are you teaching others?

What does your church attendance reveal about your values? What does it teach your kids about the value of church? What does it reveal to your neighbors? I’m not saying you should never miss church, not my point. But if we, if you, skip church every time some other priority comes along, it says to others is that church is important so long as it doesn’t interfere with other important things. Which for the next generation becomes it’s important to go to church when it’s convenient. Which for the next generation becomes it’s important to go to church on special occasions… And the value of church continues to degrade generation after generation.

If football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, track, golf, cheerleading, band, choir, theater, school, dance, family vacation, prom, etc…keep us from going to church, what does that teach others, especially the next generation, especially our kids about the value of church? We can say that church is important all we want, but if we let every other thing we are involved with come before church, our lifestyle will teach a very different value system.

We live in a culture that does not value church. 2018 is a different world from 1995 and a drastically different world from 1949 when Billy Graham had the now famous Los Angeles Crusade. We don’t live in a country where Sundays and Wednesdays are protected from other activities. Complain about it all you want, it’s not going back. It’s time to realize that our values are going to have to be different from the culture around us, to step up and to live the values we want the next generation to have.

Published by John-David Culbertson

I am the Associate Pastor for Students at FBC Monahans. I am a graduate of Dallas Baptist University (BA in Biblical Studies) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Advanced Masters of Divinity). I am currently enrolled as a student at Dallas Baptist University working on a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Arts in Leadership. I love Christ and I am passionate about the church. It is my goal to server the Jesus Christ in whatever capacity He would place me and wherever He would send me.

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