Song of the Week – “Good Time To Be Alive”


What makes today a “good time to be alive?” Is it having the right person by your side? Is it getting the chance to dance? What about having everything you need? Could it be as simple as having rice cooking in the microwave? Sorry, wrong song. What makes us sing, “It’s a Great Day to be Alive?” What makes us feel like it’s a “good time to be alive?”

God cares about our outlook on life. Our relationship with Jesus Christ redeems more than just our actions. Faith is more than a set of rules that dictate our decisions. It is a relationship. He is the right person to have by our side. Whether you are having a great day or a bad one, no matter how this week turns out, this is the time that God has given you and God cares how you view that time.

In Jonah 4 God grows up a vine that gives Jonah shade but the next day the vine dies. Jonah gets so upset over the death of the vine. He doesn’t care about the destruction of a city, but he becomes angry when God allows a plant to die. Perspective and out look matter to God. I hope that you will challenge yourself this week to makes sure that you have His outlook on life. I hope you appreciate the time he has given you. I hope you have a great week!

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