Are your memories exciting than your dreams?

Are your memories more exciting than your dreams? It is probably one of the best questions my professors asked over the last two weeks of seminars. When your memories of the past are more exciting than your dreams for the future, you have begun to die…

Let me say that again: when your memories of the past are more exciting than your dreams for the future, you have begun to die. This is true whether you are in business, education, or the church. If the future you imagine is less exciting than the past you remember, you are on the downhill side of your growth. You are in decline (or will be soon).

Here is a great question to ask, especially when you’re at church: do you hear people say “I remember when…” or “I imagine seeing..?” When you walk the halls of your church, do you hear, “10 years ago we..?” Or do you hear, “In 10 years, we..?” “Thirty years ago we built…” Or “In 30 year we will be…”

Let’s make this question more personal. Was the most exciting part of your faith journey 1, 5, or 10 years ago? Or was it yesterday? Do you imagine God doing something more exciting in your life and through your ministry in the future than what he has done in the past?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t remember or even celebrate the past. But personally and corporately we cannot live as though our best days are behind us. If we do, God will use someone else.

Published by John-David Culbertson

I am the Associate Pastor for Students at FBC Monahans. I am a graduate of Dallas Baptist University (BA in Biblical Studies) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Advanced Masters of Divinity). I am currently enrolled as a student at Dallas Baptist University working on a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Arts in Leadership. I love Christ and I am passionate about the church. It is my goal to server the Jesus Christ in whatever capacity He would place me and wherever He would send me.

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