Finding Adventure

Over the years I’ve gathered rings, stormed the beaches of Normandy, conquered the world, and raided tombs. I’ve liberated nations, fought off alien invasions, and battled orcs. I’ve played my share of video games in these endeavors. There are a few of the games pictured above that I have been playing since before my studentsContinue reading “Finding Adventure”

It’s Not About a Choice

I’ve been reading the Chronicles of Narnia again. The books are great fiction. They have stirred a question in me, “What does it mean to choose God?” Or worded another way, “What does it mean to choose to follow God?” Movies and books so often highlight the choice of the hero. There is this momentContinue reading “It’s Not About a Choice”

Are your memories exciting than your dreams?

Are your memories more exciting than your dreams? It is probably one of the best questions my professors asked over the last two weeks of seminars. When your memories of the past are more exciting than your dreams for the future, you have begun to die… Let me say that again: when your memories ofContinue reading “Are your memories exciting than your dreams?”

The Church of Today!

I had a great week with my students at Student Life Camp in Glorieta, NM last week. I’ll be posting about several things that I learned, but I wanted to kick that off with something that the pastor said that really stuck with me. Our camp pastor this last week was Pastor Alex Himaya (,Continue reading “The Church of Today!”

Fully Filtered – Losing Freedom & Innocence

I can barely remember what I did in line before the smart phone. Every time I lineup at the grocery store or DQ or the DMV I have a half-dozen games, 4 email accounts, several web pages, and a number of other apps that my fingers can find without really even needing conscious thought. AtContinue reading “Fully Filtered – Losing Freedom & Innocence”