Something Missing from the Story

What a tragedy to speak the truth of Christ in the spirit of Satan. What’s the story? I hear a song and I often imagine the story behind the song. Casting Crowns, “Does Anybody Hear Her,” is one of those songs I can’t hear without picturing the story it tells. JJ Heller’s, “Father-Daughter Dance,” isContinue reading “Something Missing from the Story”

Self-Identifying Christian

We live in a culture of self-determination. You determine your career and educational trajectories. You pick where you’ll live. You pick who you’ll be. This has even extended to what gender you claim for some. Throughout history, most people had very little freedom of self-determination, you were what your family, community, country, or faith systemContinue reading “Self-Identifying Christian”

A Student Pastor’s Perspective: Social Media Parenting

A friend recently posted a link to a blog found on the Wait Until 8th site. The article was about how smartphones have changed the way kids experience the world, in particular, how they have changed what used to be an embarrassing moment into a viral video. You can read the article here, and IContinue reading “A Student Pastor’s Perspective: Social Media Parenting”