What I’m listening to…

I’m always exposed to some new songs through the summer through camp and just having more time to listen to music. Here is some of the stuff that I’m really enjoying right now:

Here are some of the artists that I’m listening to right now: I’ve listed the artist then an album or two I like, and a quick description of their style and music.

  1. Shane and Shane | “The Worship Initiative” and “Bring Your Nothing” | Great music, contemporary worship, good for a morning devotional time or a worship service.
  2. Nick Thurmond (Camp Worship Leader) | “Unrelenting Love” | Contemporary worship, good worship leaders, honestly, one of the best bands at pairing songs with sermons I’ve ever seen. They did a great job of theming their worship sets so that worship flowed perfectly into the sermon and moved the students towards the message.
  3. Matt Maher | “All the People Said Amen” | Still one of my favorite artist right now. Rarely do I go a day without listening to something of his. Great song writer, good musician.
  4. Lauren Daigle | “How Can It Be” | One of the most powerful female voices in contemporary worship music, she has a very soulful voice. Honestly, besides having a good message, her music is pleasant on the ears.
  5. Rend Collective | “The Art of Celebration” | Different style, fun and easy to listen to.

Here are some songs that I’ve fallen in love with lately:

  1. “God of Ages Past” | Shane and Shane
  2. “Seas of Crimson” | Shane and Shane
  3. “You Make Me Brave” | Shane and Shane
  4. “You Alone Can Save (Unrelenting Love)” | Nick Thurmond
  5. “The Ascension” | Phil Wickham
  6. “Let Them See you” | JJ Weeks Band

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