A Heart Check – Song for the Day

I like music that tells a story. I have always been drawn to songs that can paint a picture. Songs like Chris Rice’s “Momma Prays,” Mark Schultz’s “He’s My Son,” and JJ Heller’s “Father-Daughter Dance” are songs that tell a story. As I listen, I can’t help but see the world the songs paint.

Music connects with us in a way that few other things do. Songs that give life to a story, that paint an image in your mind are particularly potent. I hope that you will listen to this song a couple of times, soak in the image that it paints. Even more I hope that you will be inspired to action. I hope that you will do something about it.

Speaking as a youth pastor for a minute. There are so many kids in your community, schools, and neighborhoods that need you. The fatherless, the motherless, the rejected, and the hurting are right here. No matter where you live, they are right there with you. These are “the least of these” that Matthew 25 refers to. Whether you serve as a C.A.S.A. volunteer, a foster parent, a volunteer in your church’s kids or student ministries, or volunteer at a local school I hope that you will find a way to help. Youth and kids pastors, CPS workers, and principals and teachers cannot save a generation without serious help.


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