This Week in Elevate

We will be continuing our series on David called “Following God for Real.” This week’s lesson is called, “Real Honor.” We are going to look at what it takes to live a life of honor as found in 1 Samuel 24 & 26. Our students will be learning that:

  1. Real honor requires doing the right thing regardless of the pressure.
  2. Real honor requires saying the right words regardless of how you feel.
  3. Real honor requires respecting the right people regardless of how they act.
  4. Real honor requires doing it all repeatedly.

David illustrates these points for us in our passages when he spares Saul’s life not once, but twice. He spares a king who is actively trying to kill him (right action). He rebukes his own men for trying to convince him to kill the king (right words). He shows respect to Saul who is not walking with God and again…trying to kill him (right respect). And he does it twice.

We will be challenging our students to live lives of honor. Doing the right thing, saying the right thing, and showing respect even when others don’t deserve it. And then we will be challenging them to make a lifestyle of this.

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